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When your organization requires a top level Accounting professional for a complex or specialized project, Consulting Associates is your resource. Get experienced Accounting & CPA professionals with highly specialized and technical skill sets that will understand your needs and goals. Utilize us to fill the gap for workload demands or expertise that exceeds your staff’s current capabilities.

SEC 10Q & 10K

Short on the bench or need a backfill? Engage a consultant with experience performing 10Q roll-forwards and 10K Annual Reporting. Our consultants will be able to update your document financial statements, footnotes, MD&A, exhibits and tag for XBRL.


Got Expertise? Clients engage Consulting Associates for projects requiring specialized experience and knowledge, such as research and documentation of key technical accounting resolutions or assistance with modernizing existing global accounting policies.


Although our consultants can handle the most specialized needs of our clients, they are also available to serve general accounting needs such as month end closing, as well as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and Audit Compliance.

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What is Consulting Associates?

For clients, we are a firm providing highly skilled technical accounting professionals on an “as needed” basis for projects (or interim needs) requiring specialized experience and knowledge.

For consultants, we are a resource for projects that require specialized accounting skill sets. Our goal is to engage our consultants in challenging, as well as rewarding projects, where clients see them as an integral part of their team.

What type of professionals are consultants at Consulting Associates?

Our consultants are professionals who are currently operating independently as Accounting or Financial Consultants whose work focus is in SEC Reporting and Filings, Technical Accounting, and Financial Statement Preparation tied to period end closings. We also welcome professionals that wish to explore consulting as a way to share their skills and knowledge with our clients.

What are some of the requirements to become a consultant at Consulting Associates?

For all members of our platform to achieve an outcome of success, following is the base set of requirements for a consultant to be considered for the Consulting Associates marketplace and its clients. As a starting point, the best fit of Independent Accounting and Financial Consultants for our clients are degreed and or certified professionals (Certified Public Accountant) with demonstrated experience in SEC Reporting and Filings, Technical Accounting, and Financial Statement Preparation tied to period end closings. Consultants must have experience working in or with large scale corporations, possess the ability to take on a hands-on or management role, diagnose problems & provide solutions. We are looking for natural leaders to provide our clients a path to solutions coupled with joyful customer service. Priority is given to professional consultants who engage in fulltime consulting as their primary work effort.

What are the benefits for my company when joining Consulting Associates' marketplace of independent consultants?

1. Get access to our highly skilled and experienced prescreened community of independent professional Accounting and Financial Consultants.
2. Post unlimited projects to our site free of charge and we will work to connect you with suitable consultants.
3. Mitigate potential worker-liability issues when engaging independent workers through our platform. Our onboarding and screening process puts a buffer between your company and the worker.
4. Easy administration – We keep consultants paid timely and you get simple invoicing (e.g. one invoice for multiple consultants).
5. Fair pricing – Negotiate bill rates/fees.
6. Get a hassle free partner – period. We wish to develop long term business partners and if something isn’t right for you, we will strive to work out a fair and equitable solution.

What is the process for hiring a consultant for our project?

1. Contact our office to discuss your project needs and requirements.
2. Qualify a consultant for your project needs. Begin dialogue directly with the prospective consultant discussing project requirements, consultant capabilities, and fees.
3. Complete a statement of work (SOW) & engagement (project) agreements. We’ll provide once the details are hashed out.
4. Begin Project.

How can I post projects or search for consultants on your site?

To post projects or search for consultants requires setting up an account as an Employer. Contact us for details.

Can anyone join Consulting Associates as a consultant?

No, our platform only accepts professionals that meet our high standards. This is for the benefit of clients and consultants alike. We wish to keep the standard of talent on our platform exceptionally high, so our clients will remain confident in the professionals that they engage for their projects. Our goal is to provide our clients a hassle free experience when sourcing the best Accounting Consultants for their most important projects.

What is the fee to add a project to Consulting Associates' platform?

Currently, there is no charge or fee to add a project to our platform. To add a project, please contact us for details. All projects submitted for posting are prescreened and require approval before being added to the Consulting Associates platform. Unlimited projects may be added.

What are the fees to engage (hire) a consultant for my project?

You can expect fees to be lower than that of a traditional consulting firms (for “like” skill sets) as a result of our lean organization structure. You will not be paying for layers of redundant overhead as in traditional consulting firms.

Can we hire a consultant from Consulting Associates as a permanent employee for our company?

Although the professional consultants on our platform are not seeking a traditional employee/employer relationship, there may be an instance where it would benefit parties to our platform to enter into that type of work arrangement. If this is the case, we charge a nominal finder’s fee (contact us). We believe a “finder’s fee” is fair due to the effort and expense that we incur to  procur consultants for the marketplace and our clients.